Is BAM a church thing?

BAM is a non-denominational program and does not want "church walls" from one affiliation or another to inhibit the outreach to help moms trying to understand and communicate better with their sons.
It is Bible based in that it uses examples from the Bible especially how Jesus guided and directed the disciples (Case in point: Peter telling Jesus he would never deny Him even after Jesus told him he would deny Him 3 times. Jesus knew he would make the mistake but still allowed him to learn from the mistake which is something we often have to do with our boys.)
Another example that is used is the David and Goliath story. David is sure he can take Goliath down because he had experienced smaller crisis in his life with a lion and bear attacking his sheep - he prayed to God and conquered them and from those smaller battles he had developed a faith in God that he could conquer Goliath. The BAM program uses that example to show how sons need to experience smaller trials in life in order to grow and be able to handle the bigger trials.
However BAM does not preach and has no denominational agenda. It is simply using the Bible as a guideline for raising sons.
Non-Christians who have gone through the program have not felt offended. We do believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord is what gives a mother the ability to truly understand and guide her son but the ultimate goal is to give every mother "tools" to help them raise a great son.