How do I become a BAM Mom?

This is a very informal program. The basis is helping Moms with tween/teen sons.
If you have a heart for this and know a Mom needing help or you have a teen you're struggling with - go through the BAM DVD and Workbook or attend a Free Workshop to get started.

The BAM workbook makes you look at yourself and at your son's new life as he starts on his way to becoming a man. It looks at the Institute for Mental Health research and studies on how their brain is changing and processing information at three growth stages of their lives. How we can help with that growth at each individual stage. It then goes through a thirty day follow up journal to help you utilize the new tools you've learned. That thirty day journal is designed to do with other mothers as you discuss ideas and "mom tools" that are, or are not, working. Each son is unique and different and it takes all the help we can get to do the our best through this critical window of time.
A coffee shop meeting once a week or posting here on your BAM site blog helps support MOM through this time.
That is what a BAM Mom is - someone wanting to give and get help in raising great sons.

Here are some examples of BAM Moms.
"In our second BAM meeting we decided to give one another sympathy cards because our little boy was never coming back, then on the third meeting we threw a "teenager shower" instead of a baby shower to celebrate the the birth of our son starting into manhood. It has been amazing how we see and talk about our sons differently now. We look forward to their teenage years and the new relationship with them as teenagers." Sophia W. -  BAM leader at Gem Community Church