BAM Testimonials

BAM Testimonials

The program had a lot of 'A-Ha", that's what is going on! moments about issues my twelve year old son was going through.
Donelda L.

The DVD with the interaction and advice from mothers and sons was incredible. It's so open and to the point in helping mom's really understand how their son's think and why they react the way they do. This little ray of help was so huge.
Audrey A

My wife, Tina and I watched the DVD. As parents of two young boys, ages 3 and 6, we are often at odds on h ow to prepare our boys for life. While I will encourage the boys to get up, dust themselves off and continue on, Tina is clearly more nurturing. Tina felt this video has given her a great deal of insight and common ground on how boys think and how her reactions can avoid pitfalls in raising our sons.
Jeff and Tina S.

The BAM time video and work book redirected the way I parent my tween son. The startling advice actually makes sense. I believe a program that offer what BAM time offers can change a life.
Angela M.

The presentation wasn't woman-driven, it was from the boys to a man perspective with straight talk to mom's. Real example from real people was  great confidence boost - not just a Dr. Phil. The insight on how to find mentor was excellent. Sophia W

Even if your relationship with your son is good there is great information to help make it even better. Every mom should go through this program.
Rick L.

I went through the program with my wife and it's great. Really relates to mom's directly with a vital message for the times in which we live. Great Bible references to the disciples and how Jesus directed men.
Pastor Russ Adkins