Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Great Mom Tool

This idea is one of the best Mom Tools we've seen in a while. I suggest it for all ages (perhaps husbands too :)although a Jeep might be difficult to fit in the box). Seriously though, a reward system with consequence is a valuable tool. In talking to a mother who had raised a son alone yesterday, we got into the discussion of what motivates girls versus boys. The thing to always keep in mind about the male psyche is ego. A reward that tells a boy how well he did something is as important as the reward itself. Ever notice how a woman does the dishes without a thought for acknowledgement but a male will want recognition for getting the job done? This is that ego that actually isn't a bad thing, especially if you learn to use it as a reward system to encourage right behavior. So as with this Toy Box Tool, you need to include a positive comment.

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