Thursday, June 26, 2014

Teenager and Tweenager Behavior Tools

One of the best tools I've seen recently working is a Behavior Chart. This is a chart a mother and father use whenever the child is going out of check. When a child is reacting improperly or having a tantrum or arguing; instead of reacting to that with emotion on top of their emotion, the parent walks over and charts the behavior and states, "we will discuss this when you calm down." It is so powerful in that instead of feeding more into the argument, it deflates it. It also becomes a way of tracking that can be rewarded When good behavior, such as taking the trash out without having to be told, happens that too is charted. This is a testament that the child looks at every day. Something they can not really deny because it has been recorded. It is important that it is done in a way that does not create bitterness. The chart should be facts, not red ink type of punishment that the child feels they can never be forgiven of. The ability to erase the offense should be an option. Take time to really think about how you want to use the tool. If a tool is introduced and the rules are changed after the fact, you will take away the power of the tool and develop a child that doesn't believe you live up to your word. The other thing to consider is using a chart to track food behavior, in the teenagers case specifically, energy drinks. This and a lack of sleep are so often the real problem creating the outburst. If you track their sleeping habits and how they eat on a chart that you can point out one is effecting the other chart. You have will have a power tool to help them realize for life how food and sleep can affect their lives. I love good BAM Mom Tools and this is certainly one of them, here is a link to some pre-made charts.

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