Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Food as a tool

We have all done it; used food as a tool to get a child to do what we want. The ice cream reward system as to be as old as ice cream itself. However, as a "Mom Tool", should this really be used? The answer honestly has to be no, as we enter in such a era of obese boys. But what tool do you now substitute if that has been something you started when he was very young? Remember the video talking about male ego and the male's desire to be "grown up". You can reverse this very easily by using MOM TOOLS such as, "you're too grown up to need ice cream to do what you know is right". Never underestimate the power of that tool. They will respond with, "No I'm not." But the truth is you just put a new positive motivator that will grow in that young man's mind for the rest of his life. When he uses food as reward for himself a seed has been planted telling him that is for children and not a man. That is key to helping him get on a healthy path when it comes to food. Just because he argues doesn't mean you should give up. You can jokingly say, "Okay, if you're still a little boy I guess we can get that ice cream." Trust the tools, he'll eventually wean himself off that crutch.

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