Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Diet and Attitude

So often we believe a bad attitude or moodiness is just "being a kid or teenager". Yes hormones and the difficulty of growing up with bullying and peer pressure often have a lot to do with our child's attitude. However never overlook the difference food can make in a child's mood. Blood sugar levels have a huge effect as we all know when Halloween candy sends our little ones into orbit. But what about soft drinks or sports drinks, power bars, even hot dogs and hamburgers. As we feed a child white breads and carbohydrates that break down into sugars we can experience that highs and lows that blood sugar feeds. Getting a balanced diet has an important role in balancing those moods and in the end result balancing our child's attitude. The other concern is keeping chemicals out of our food and trying to go as organic as possible. If you are trying to work on that aspect and want to grow your own take a look at under healthy food for a simple garden. There are also helpful books on how food react with our children that can help.
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