Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Interesting Follow-up on BAM two years later

Last week I was asked to talk to a 17 year old that was disrespecting his mother by ignoring her and talking back at her... What was interesting is that the Mom had been through BAM two years earlier and had improved the relationship with the son up until recently. When I quizzed about the key issue it was over a report that was supposed to be turned in and because the teenager had not followed through the mother was furious. It really was interesting in that it fell into a specific criteria in BAM focused on allowing the son to make mistakes and forcing him to take responsibility for his actions. The Mom was very upset because it could have an affect on his entire future in college. Very legitimate concern; however, if the son does not take responsibility now...how many young men drop out of college? How many young men fail to keep a job? How many young men fail to follow through in a marriage? It is extremely difficult to watch young people make mistakes but we can not live their lives for them if they are ever going to grow and decide for themselves that THEY WANT to succeed. Failure is often what it takes to help motivate that young boy to become a man.

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