Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mom's breakthrough

Our BAM program this Sunday had a "Mom Breakthrough" - The hardest and honestly - scariest - part of BAM is trying to help Moms let go for the health of their son. I've seen real anger and even bordering hate from Moms as the program gets to the point of asking them to stop mothering their teenage son so he can grow past the Mommas Boy level of maturity. In this last program, a mother came forward to admit she had gone through all these emotions but the DVD had convicted her that BAM was guiding her to the next step. She had left her husband in one state to follow he 22 year old son to another state because she believed he still needed her. After watching the DVD she made a public commitment in front of a dozen peers to go back to her husband and had met with her son that day to tell him she was letting him go. There was real pain and loss in her eyes as she stated that he was her only child and it was incredibly hard to make the decision - but because she loved her son so much - she was willing to let him go.

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