Monday, October 7, 2013

Boy's and Mom Help

BAM has been rather quiet since we lost our monthly sponsor at the Nampa Christian Book store (went out of business); however, recently I have been asked to do several more programs. So we will be changing a few things to help this ministry. 1. BAM will have a new board of directors from multi-denominational volunteers 2. A new focus will be on sponsoring the new programs in non-denominational environments such as rented halls, the idea is to make sure denominational lines are not inhibiting a mother from getting help in dealing with her teenage son. 3. Better explanation that the Bible based part is looking at how Jesus guided and directed men such as John, Peter and Paul on a man to man level. The Blog will have several moms that have raised sons contributing every month. Feel free to ask questions and get involved...remember, BAM is not about right and wrong ways to raise a son but focused on finding tools that communicate better with your teenage son.

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