Monday, December 5, 2011

Teenagers and Cell Phones

We had an interesting BAM program and discussion last weekend that brought up the urgency of dealing with teen boys and cell phone (texting) use.
800 minutes...that is what this seventeen year old was hitting in texting minutes. And the attitude was the cell phone was a right.
Where do we draw the line here?
Teenagers feed on each others thoughts and ideas (if we both agree than it must be right) in such a way that it can escalate and give them confidence to argue and fight with parents and feel supported by their friends they text just seconds afterwards.
Controlling that peer alliance is an important way to guide a teenager on the right track.
i.e. Teenager texts six friends who all say he is right and his parents are stupid - this empowers him to be more aggressive because he has peers backing him.
So controlling the phone is a major part of controlling the way he thinks and what influences are directing his thoughts.
I always have an extra hammer you can borrow…it may seem drastic but it could save your son from doing something that costs far more.

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