Sunday, December 11, 2011

Teenage Entitlement

Mom; I have to have that car, cell phone, sneakers, Levis.
in a day of 50% divorce and the need to try and keep your child "happy" with you, so they will not "leave"; we have entered a time of entitlement that has ripped apart a parents ability to guide and direct.
Love bought is not love that counts is it?
The one item you CAN give a teenager is love: We confuse that with giving things. Never forget the natural sin nature drives a teenager (or adult) to push for things - so a teenagers under developed mind, guided by other teenagers. will strive to push you to give them what they want. But is this really showing them love?
God's love through the Bible has always been firm. Merciful, caring, long suffering are the words He uses in Corinthians - who suffers by the way? It is the person doing the loving (God in this verse), so if we are firm and loving, then we will suffer, with our child saying mean things to us because we wouldn't give in and give them something.
Do you see how this applies to us in discipline, guidance and direction.
The teenager will react against you, pressure you, hurt your feelings; all examples of your long suffering; but if you truly love them they know it.
Love is measured in time, listening, caring about their problems - not giving them thier latest whim.
Hard to hold by I know...but important to hold by. Get that support group we encourage in BAM and prepare for long suffering through this season.

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