Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gay in schools

Some of you may have witnessed the news programs featured on bullying gay children in schools.
I have addressed bullying in earlier post that can be reviewed.
The issue is this unbelievable pressure on teenagers to determine their sexual orientation...
How do you protect your teenage son from this? I have dealt with it in a larger setting of multiple boys in group homes; and their emotional confusion which is addressed in an earlier post too. However; for today; what specifically needs to be addressed is this pressure from society on your son to label himself.
Make sure you talk to your child about our society pushing people into thinking they may "possibly" have the desire to act in a perverted sexual manner; having sex with other men - state it for what it is - not gay - it is men having sex with other men: I have found that if I state it plainly to a young man asking the question, his reaction resolves the issue.
That does not mean they bully anyone; or label one person worse than another. As in the earlier post; read the ENTIRE first chapter of Romans, it is very clear about sexual orientation but it also goes on to point the finger at the proud, boaster, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful; as life styles that are unacceptable to God. So we all have to be aware that our thoughts and desires are not what is good and normal but something to be put under God's direction.
The main point is to TALK about it and discuss it even if your son is uncomfortable with it. If you don't - know for a fact our current society is going to.

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