Sunday, November 20, 2011


The news gave an interesting and sad statistic that the most frustrated people in our society are young men 18 to 24. They feel hopeless and unable to find a way to succeed in this economy.
If you watch the news; you know just how depressing and hopeless it sounds everyday. If your son is not already experiencing this; he probably will be soon. So what can we say or do to help them through this time?

When I'm working with boys and men in the detention facilities it is ten times as bad because they already have a bad mark on them and usually have poor educations and little to no support. My answer to them is to look back at history. To look at the depression or the Oklahoma dust bowl and how under the worse adversity; people found a way. Faith and God had a great deal to do with their ability to continue forward. The Bible is 3/4 history, why? Because we need to be reminded how God came through and how people survived tough times to be blessed later in their lives. This is where hope comes from. The reminder of what has happened in the past and how we can get through it.

My mother had been through the depression, World War and five sons; her first response to adversity was, "we will survive this too." That came from remembering how she had made it through to see better days. A teenager has never experienced that so they think it's the end of the world. Share and direct your son to stories and situations where people have come through tough times to help build their hope.

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