Saturday, November 5, 2011

Boys relationships with girls

I think we have all discovered in our lives that relationships are a "learned" experience.
Who we trust and who we share our lives with often is learned by trials and  mistakes.
Boys start their relationships with the "girl race" as a cootie infested, doll playing alien - then they hit their teenage years and hormones drive them to want to know more about this alien they used to ignore.
This is a critical time for moms to tactfully share what the "girl race" is all about. What girls think, what they are looking for in a boy, the fact girls have much different emotions.
Now MOM has information they need - but no son wants to look at mom as a girl. So it needs to be done in subtle comments as we talk about in the BAM work book. You have the power to help direct and guide them toward a girl and can help them avoid pitfall mistakes.
My Grandmother had a great line she used on my cowboy uncles who would say (after several divorces), "why can't I find a gal like dear old mom." Her response was, "because dear old mom wasn't found on a bar stool."
VERY POWERFUL comment that stuck in my mind; as it was told years later to me; during my teenage years...
As I like to remind Moms in our discussion groups; remember that you are directing him toward your new daughter-in-law!

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