Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boys and video games

Are video games dangerous for boys?

We need to start with WHY boys want to spend hours in front of video games.
Key word here is ACTION. They are wired and designed to be DOING something. Before video games they ran around the yards or fields playing make believe.
We have a culture that has created the enclosed subdivision where boys running around is frowned upon. So where do they get their ACTION FIX? Now it's in the TV screen.
Is that unhealthy? Anything and everything in excess is unhealthy. If the choice is between sitting and watching a TV show versus interaction that uses the mind...well at that point the video game is probably a better choice. BUT...we have to make the effort to find other ways to satisfy that ACTION FIX.
YMCA, Boys and Girls club, church groups and other programs are very inexpensive with a goal to try and find interactive interesting alternatives to the addiction from video games.
Find those alternatives and you'll be rewarded years later with a son who is more balanced in his ability to interact socially and be more healthy.

PS: Please share your thoughts - I personally stopped blogging when the interaction stopped happening on BAMMomTools. Recently several Moms asked me why and I stated that the interaction was what I was really looking for. I guess that is not necessarily how Blogs work but I really do want your thoughts.

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