Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is wanting to watch violent movies normal in boys?

Boys and Violence -
I was in a college class room when a young mother came in crying because her four year old (who she had kept away from any violent movies, games, etc) turned the barbie doll she gave him into a gun and went bang-bang.
Why do boys seem to be so drawn to violence? If we are honest; this is not a new problem. Time proves it has been happening for as long as recorded history.
The need to understand the emotional drive to be strong and powerful is important in finding the answer. Violence is usually expressed as power over another person. Hollywood always justifies it with "getting" the bad guy - so it's okay. Is it though?
As BAM discusses; the problem is not the drive in the boy but how we direct that drive. The NEED to not feel helpless is important to acknowledge. Re-directing that from Hollywood's "kill the bad guy" to depending on God is a tough sell to a young boy. But if we do not direct a son at a young age and help them SEE the violence as something wrong...we will get the same outcome as we've seen through history.
Tools that have worked: When a person is killed in a TV show; make the Mom comment, "every person killed has a mother that will miss him."
The objective is to help your son see every person as something God created and not just a bad guy to be shot.