Monday, December 20, 2010

Teenage attitude during the Holidays

   Strange dark attitude during the Holidays?
Often you will see a twelve or thirteen year old get an unpleasant attitude as Christmas approaches. Even act out more than usual.
Very normal - just a few years ago Christmas was a big, exciting, mysterious event that was built into this wonder that Santa Clause was going to magically give them presents. NOW the truth hits and often this makes a teenager sour toward what they see as a lie or con job about Santa and the mystery of Christmas.
What do you do now? It's damage control time and often a parent needs to actually apologize for the Christmas hype - children are very sensitive to trust and the lie of Santa betrays that trust and it has to be dealt with. The next huge problem is "if Santa is a fake, well than so is baby Jesus". Santa has driven more teenagers away from Christ than any war video game or atheist. It is time to be very truthful as a parent and admit that the Santa mystery was fun for the adult to see the wonder in their children's eyes but that the intent was not to lie to them.
I like to take them to the REAL Saint Nicolas Click Here and talk about how the Santa Claus story was changed as well as the real meaning of Christmas. Create a new family tradition and bake a birthday cake for Jesus and celebrate the birth of Emmanuel. It's never too late to bring children to the truth.

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