Tuesday, December 7, 2010

But I have a great relationship with my son

  The book stores have said they've had a lot of Moms look at the BAMtime program and say "oh, well I have a great relationship with my son."

It's an interesting attitude because the very comment points at the key to BAM which is the need for the relationship to change with the changes a son is going through between 8 and 18.

A great relationship at age 12 can be extremely different at age 13.
What motivates me to keep trying with BAMtime is the attitude toward that 13 year old that he is now a "bad" boy or has a "bad attitude" for some reason.

Time and again I am asked to help a "troubled teen"; and what I see is a boy trying to become a man - and a mother who doesn't get it. My ministry has always been helping the teenager - and I believe if Moms can see what is really happening, they will understand the need.
PS: I had a man who read this post say "talk about sticking your neck out - but hang in there."
      I'm ready for any and all comments but I had to say it.

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