Friday, November 26, 2010

Why boys need new experiences

Why boys need new experiences
We discuss the need boys have to "give it a try". From the way a tween/teen brain develops we know it has to have experiences to grow "neural connections, or synapses, that get exercised are retained, while those that don't are lost."
Take a look at the scientific article on youth brain development at the National Institute for Mental Health. Knowing that a young adult is going through this amazing "brain change" can really help us understand odd behaviors and what we would often "with our mature brains" consider illogical reasoning.
We need to have the insight to give their brains time to grow and develop in the reasoning frontal lobe of their growing brains. There is no substitute for time and experience.

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  1. I agree. Boys learn best by actively doing rather than just listening. Boys need and want examples of what it takes to be a man. Families and churches need to provide a context and opportunities for men and boys, fathers and sons to actively build godly mentoring relationships boy so desperately need. Norm Tacklind